Performance management is key to creating long-term, healthy, productive relationships between employee and employer, and PartnerComm wants to help you deliver the quality employee communication you need to succeed. Performance communication is your opportunity to help ensure both managers and employees understand how the process works and how individual efforts roll up to your organization’s success.

The Impact of Performance Communication

PartnerComm is an award-winning agency of talented practitioners skilled in articulating your organization’s value and culture in clear, everyday language. We understand that performance process is crucial for both people managers and individual contributors. Good communication around the process will pay dividends in helping managers get the most out of pay and performance structures, and in helping employees grow their skills and find the right career paths.

Managers are busy people. They have their regular jobs, on top of supervisory and performance management duties. Being promoted to a manager means you’re good at your job, but acting as a people manager requires a whole new set of information and skills. PartnerComm pros will help you help your managers succeed with a package of tools and resources that allows them to make fair and effective decisions for their teams.

Employees, especially those in the increasingly dominant millennial generation, thrive on quality feedback and teamwork. Good performance communication helps employees connect the dots by ensuring that they:

  • Understand how the performance process works
  • Know how and when they will receive feedback
  • Learn how their goals and objectives align to the organization
  • Take full advantage of resources for learning and development

In short, having everyone feel valued — and pulling in the same direction — supports organizational success. And PartnerComm is the perfect place to make that happen.

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We know how to deliver in the ways your employees prefer — from easy-to-access mobile tools to audio, video and print. We will work with you to create custom, action-oriented campaigns that deliver value and support performance — both year-round and at critical times in the performance cycle.

Contact us today! We’re ready to help you maximize manager and staff performance with high-impact employee communication.

Let’s Be Partners

If you’re ready to change how your people use their benefits, experience company culture, and take actions that drive success at work and in life, we’re ready to help. Together, we can raise the bar on your employee communication and produce measurable results so that you can grow and thrive.

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