Paid Time Off and Leave of Absence

Paid time off (PTO) is an increasingly popular benefit, as companies move away from traditional vacation/sick leave/personal days to a policy that encompasses all of this and more. Leave of absence (LOA) policies — for extended time off — are also becoming more popular. PTO, and especially LOA, can be complex, and we’re here to help you simplify these topics and communicate them to your workforce.

The ABC’s of LOA and PTO

Hard-working employees deserve a break, and the ways that businesses offer this is changing. Although some companies still offer traditional vacation plans and sick days, many are switching to a PTO “bank” — a set amount of days that workers can take for a variety of purposes. But employees need to understand what that means; for instance, all vacation is paid time off, but that doesn’t mean that PTO is only vacation.

Leave of absence is even more complex, with different types of leave leading to multiple employee questions, such as how to initiate a leave, whether they’ll be paid during their leave and what they need to do when they return. Not to mention that each state has its own leave laws (and that’s where our ERISA knowledge comes in).

PartnerComm’s award-winning team of consultants, designers and web developers can help you sort out these complexities with our experienced consultants, content knowledge and clear writing. We can simplify complicated information through print and digital media, including videos, podcasts, websites and more. We’ve even designed an leave of absence tool that helps employees understand the different kinds of leaves and what they need to know about using them.

Employee benefits are continually evolving, and PartnerComm keeps up with the evolution. With our content knowledge, we can assist you in clear communication that leads to better understanding, trust and employee engagement.

Leave of absence and paid time off are only two of the many focus areas where we put our expertise to work for you. Contact us today!

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