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Here at PartnerComm, we’ve found that when organizations invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees — inside and outside of the office — they’re more successful in cultivating a trusting culture that people want to become and remain part of. It’s important to focus on a well-rounded strategy that encompasses physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

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It’s easy to be straightforward with physical wellbeing. Offering your employees medical plan options that fit different lifestyles is a good way to bring in talent. But why not think creatively? Wellness programs and incentives are an excellent way to get people involved and motivated. Step challenges will get people moving, especially if there are gift cards along the way for hitting pre-established targets. You could offer incentives for things like getting a flu shot, a yearly check-up, or preventive screenings. At PartnerComm, we even help companies implement and communicate healthy eating programs that encourage employees to pay attention to their food choices. Physical health is important for many reasons, and we can help you bring wellbeing ideas and programs into fruition — your people will thank you!

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The emotional wellbeing of your employees is another main part of the overall health of your company. We’ve found that it’s critical for employers to destigmatize mental health issues because we all at some point are dealing with the tough stuff. You can send talking points to managers to help them approach employees they feel might be struggling but also to provide assistance with answering questions and having discussions about mental health and wellbeing.

Testimonial videos and/or quotes are also a great way to get everyone talking. If you have an Employee Assistance Program or a program that helps people in times of struggling with emotional health, finding those who are willing to discuss their feelings and how your company’s program helped them overcome their issues will likely help others feel encouraged to talk. You can even offer apps like Headspace that provide meditation services, which are great for people to use from the comfort of their own home. Investing in your employees’ emotional health and wellbeing will build more trust and create a safe space at work.

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The financial wellbeing of your employees goes beyond offering a 401(k) plan with a match. We aren’t knocking retirement plans — they’re absolutely necessary — but most companies offer a plan of some kind. If you want to go above and beyond, bring in your financial health vendors, like a representative from Fidelity or Vanguard, who can do a Lunch and Learn on the benefits of retirement, budgeting, and overall financial wellbeing. At PartnerComm, we’ve also found that people enjoy having tools that help them create a budget and encourage them to stick to it. You can even provide tools that offer money checkups and give a score for financial health standing. Your employees will certainly appreciate your investment in their future.

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