ParrtnerComm is an industry leader when it comes to retirement communication. We know most employees fail to fully invest in their 401(k)s or pensions simply because they don’t know how these benefits work, and we can help you change that in your company. This missed opportunity creates a lose-lose situation for employees and employers. Employees miss out on long-term financial growth. And companies don’t get credit for having great benefits. Retirement is a critical part of your total benefits package.

Retirement Benefits: Making Employees Participants

As with all employee communication, content is king when it comes to effective employee retirement communication. Our content experts convert heady technical jargon into relatable, human-centered scenarios so retirement planning and benefits make sense to everyone in the context of their everyday lives.

We deliver holistic strategies that engage and educate employees to get the most from their 401(k) and pension benefits. From digital planning tools to educational webinars, videos and websites, targeted emails and texts, on-site events and more, our multichannel approach encourages employees to be smart today about future financial goals.

Our comprehensive approach to retirement benefits communication starts with building awareness, learning and engagement, and is focused on converting employees into participants. Our retirement planning tools provide personalized suggestions based on each person’s goals and real-life situations. Employees learn hands-on how to best use their benefits.

We believe no one message can deliver value to all employees equally. Targeted, personalized messaging drives employee engagement and benefits utilization. If it’s personal, it’s effective.

Nor can one retirement communication strategy work equally well in all workplace cultures. Our experts can help customize your strategy to your culture’s inner workings, from tone and visual style to using the media channels your employees prefer. Whether it be social media for highly collaborative environments or mobile apps for remote workforces, your retirement communication strategy will be just that — yours and yours alone.

If you don’t make retirement benefits communication a priority, employees are less likely to participate in their retirement benefits. And since invested employees are happy employees, when retirement benefits are used, you get a happier, financially mature workforce in return. Contact us today to find out more.

Let’s Be Partners

If you’re ready to change how your people use their benefits, experience company culture, and take actions that drive success at work and in life, we’re ready to help. Together, we can raise the bar on your employee communication and produce measurable results so that you can grow and thrive.

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