COVID-19 (coronavirus) COMMUNICATION

We know that companies across the globe have a lot going on right now. Here's a look at what we've learned about COVID-19 (coronavirus) communication in the last two weeks to help guide your efforts. We're all in this together! Here at PartnerComm, we’re ready to respond in the time of crisis. Last updated: April 8, 2020

Responding in the time of crisis

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With the entire world’s attention on COVID-19 (coronavirus), you may be wondering what that means for you as a communicator. Should you upscale or downscale your regular communication cadence? What about that onsite fair scheduled for next month? What happens if employees are still working remote a month from now?

Providing support may be a different game right now, but it’s more important than ever. If you’re contemplating where to start or how to strategize the next few months, we’ve put together a few COVID-19 (coronavirus) communication guidelines to help you.

Learn about COVID-19 on the go

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Finding happiness in a new normal

If the COVID-19 crisis is causing you to experience anxiety, depression, or feelings of uneasiness, know that you’re not alone. As with any situation where the outcome is unknown, a crisis such as a pandemic can have a negative impact on mental health. Not to mention that your day-to-day life probably looks a lot different now than it did four weeks ago.

Read on for our best tips for managing change and keeping healthy as you and your employees adjust to a new normal.

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Putting your best foot forward

Since the COVID-19 (coronavirus) has been characterized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, many companies have made adjustments to the way they keep employees and their families safe and healthy.

Here’s our top suggestions for how to push projects forward and continue to build community, while remaining sensitive to the crisis.

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When working from home is the new normal

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, many of your employees may be working from home for an unspecified amount of time. Not only is this a new transition for most, but many will be trying to manage it with a spouse or kids at home too.

Check out our top tips for making this new normal work for you and your employees.

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Getting the word out on hygiene

Keeping clean and promoting hygiene in the workplace isn’t something to address only during flu season or when employees are buzzing over a public health situation in the news like COVID-19 (coronavirus). Promoting a healthy workplace is serious business for employers to address year-round – year in and year out.

Here’s some things to keep in mind as you think through the best way to talk about basic (but life-saving) hygiene with your employees.

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