5 Tips For Successfully Working From Home

CULTURE | Mar 27, 2020

Because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, you may find yourself working from home for an unspecified amount of time. Whether this is a completely new situation or you’ve worked remotely once in a while, transitioning from a traditional onsite office to your living room or spare bedroom full time will take some getting used to.

At PartnerComm, about 50% of our employees work in remote offices across the country. Not only does this allow us to leverage nationwide talent, it also gives us insight into how to make remote work as successful as possible. Here are our top tips for working from home.

  1. Find the right stomping grounds
    Whether it’s a desk in a bedroom, your kitchen table, or your living room couch, finding the right space to work is key to your success. Try to choose a space where you can minimize distractions, take phone calls without background noise, and feel you can be most productive.
  2. Get set up
    Having the right set-up at home is key to productivity. If you usually work with multiple monitors or a sit-to-stand desk, ask your employer if you can bring those home for now, or get creative with what you have around the house. Does your company use Slack, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams? Now may be the perfect time to embrace those collaboration tools (and gasp, even that video function!).
  3. Clock in, then clock out
    Try to stick to your normal, pre-work routine. If you exercise in the morning, keep doing that and then start work when you usually do. Take a break over lunch and go for a walk (or participate in physical education with your kids). Mixing up your venue during your day will maximize your productivity and happiness. And, don’t forget to log off at the end of the day. It can be tempting to check emails or instant messages off-duty, but it’s important to create clear boundaries between your work and non-work life, especially if they’re coexisting in your home.
  4. Embrace the differences
    Maybe a meeting goes longer than planned, your child has a meltdown, or your Wi-Fi suddenly cuts out. Whatever the issue, remember to be kind to yourself and keep in mind that even though working from home offers additional challenges, it also allows more opportunities to introduce some flexibility into your day (hooray for that extra run over lunch!).
  5. Stay connected
    Going from daily interactions with coworkers to sitting at home in front of your computer for eight hour days can be a difficult transition. Pair that with COVID-19 (coronavirus) social distancing and you may start to feel some negative effects of isolation. To help combat this, use Slack chats and webcams or just pick up the phone and give your colleague a call. Remember, your coworkers and many others in the country are in the same boat, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

When it comes to work/life balance, every person is unique, and on top of that, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis presents its own distinctive challenges. There is no one answer for everyone, so be patient with yourself and know that it will take some practice to find your sweet spot. And while you’re finding what works for you, know that PartnerComm is always here to offer our support.

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