Hygiene Campaign


Many companies are experiencing split workforce demands, with a portion of employees working from home and many still required to be on the job. Nestlé is one of those. So we came up with a plan to ensure both groups received information relevant to their needs — and that meant getting the word out about hygiene (FAST).


  • Create a hygiene-specific campaign to shout the message of staying healthy and well at work.
  • Create a look-and-feel that was within the Nestlé brand, but distinct enough that employees would pay attention to the messaging.
  • Deliver both environmental and digital tactics to engage all audiences.


  • The “All hands on healthy” campaign tagline to brand the hygiene campaign and tie all messaging together under one, cohesive campaign.
  • Digital signage, wall clings, table tents and fliers that went up onsite at all Nestlé locations to drive immediate awareness.
  • Graphic emails and website updates to get the message out to employees who were already working from home.
  • Continuous communication to employees under the brand to deliver updates and new COVID-19 specific resources.

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