Global Logistics Company

COVID-19 Digital Tactics


As COVID-19 began to spread and impact companies world-wide, employees needed to get information quickly about how this might impact their day-to-day job functions and the benefits supporting them and their families. This global logistics company, like many others, needed to react quickly by providing just-in-time COVID-19 information to their workforce, which was still operating at full scale.


  • Inform employees about telemedicine and virtual visit options, available through their medical plans (many were unaware this benefit was included).
  • Leverage existing digital platforms to provide information quickly and in a format employees were accustomed to.
  • Support the HR department, who was overwhelmed with incoming questions from employees.


  • All relevant employee benefit plan details, including virtual visits and EAP, were consolidated in one web page to provide easy access to timely content.
  • Graphic emails were sent to employees to provide direct access to the updated information and show support in the time of crisis.
  • HR support kit posted to their online HR Resource Center, containing employee presentations, posters, digital signs and a COVID-19 newsletter to help reduce the burden on the HR department.


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