Virtual Benefit Fairs

The “new normal” calls for a new kind of benefits fair — just as informative, just as fun, with no mask required.

The Show Must Go On

Usually around this time of year, many companies are planning their annual benefits fair: wrangling branded stress balls, ironing the medical plan tablecloths, and seeing if the Jolly Ranchers from last year are still edible.

But not this year.

Whether your offices are still closed, or they’re open with social distancing restrictions, the show must go on — and with a Virtual Benefits Fair, it can. Three major components will help you do this — and do it well:

  1. Virtual Booths
  2. Live Q&As
  3. Engagement and Promotion

Booths Reimagined

Instead of congregating in a crowded common space, employees can visit the virtual dashboard-style benefits fair from the comfort and safety of their own homes or offices. And you’re not limited to the size of Conference Room B East; you can have as many (or as few) booths as you want.

“Step right up” without taking a step.

  • When employees click on each of the booths, they are greeted by the friendly face of a vendor representative giving a short overview of the benefit.
  • The user will then be presented with not only the content found on the tables of a traditional fair, but so much more.

PartnerComm will work to find the perfect mix of pre-existing communication from the vendors and custom-made content we create. Things like downloadable brochures, videos, podcasts, games, and quizzes — all available to your employees (or their spouses) with just the click of a button.

Or a podcast that dives deep into this year’s Open Enrollment?

Live Q&As

Throughout the Virtual Benefits Fair, each vendor hosts an hour-long live Q&A session via a video conferencing platform. A moderator and vendor representative will open up the session with a general overview of the benefit or service, then their attention will shift to answering employee questions.

The fair is virtual, but the questions are real.

Although employees will be encouraged to submit questions via email before the event, a live chat feature can allow for spur-of-the-moment interactivity. These sessions would be recorded and then posted on the microsite so those who could not attend are able to watch later.

Engagement and Promotion

For your event to be a success, people have to attend — mind blowing, right?

We can help you spread the word — with postcards, graphic emails, web banners, physical signage (if applicable), and more. Once your people are in the virtual “door,” it’s time to surprise and delight.

Swag is still in the bag.

Tote bags, cute little succulents, t-shirts, and more pens than anyone could ever need — we know a popular part of any benefits fair is the swag. To scratch that itch and drive website traffic, your Virtual Benefits Fair can implement raffles, contests, or scavenger hunts where visitors can win gear, cash, or yes, even pens.

Let’s Be Partners

If you’re ready to change how your people use their benefits, experience company culture, and take actions that drive success at work and in life, we’re ready to help. Together, we can raise the bar on your employee communication and produce measurable results so that you can grow and thrive.

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