Mergers and Acquisitions

When clients partner with us on merger and acquisition communication, it can unlock employee superpowers. Effective employee communication contributes to a smooth integration process during mergers and acquisitions. It helps employees understand and see the value in the agreement and their role in making it a success. PartnerComm knows how to help you communicate the positives and negatives in this situation.

Communication is the Key to Integration

During mergers and acquisitions, change is the only certainty — and change can be scary. Thankfully, change is something PartnerComm has years of experience communicating. In addition to the growth and profit potential for the business, employees need to understand how they’ll be affected personally. Will they have a new boss? Will there be tough milestones to meet before the agreement is done? Will company culture change? If you fail to address employee concerns, you could lose the people most critical to your success in the process.

PartnerComm can help you perform due diligence during the mergers and acquisitions process by developing a strategic employee communication plan. We can ensure you’re prepared to keep your employees engaged, informed and focused.

We are experts at knowing what to say and how to say it during mergers and acquisitions, from announcing new leaders to new product lines. We can help employees understand the new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) of the agreement. And we can do it using everything from print to digital media, videos, podcasts, mobile applications, websites and more. Your employees will appreciate this because they want to be able to access communication when and how they prefer.

Effective communication can be your asset. Contact PartnerComm today to boost the potential of your next merger.

Let’s Be Partners

If you’re ready to change how your people use their benefits, experience company culture, and take actions that drive success at work and in life, we’re ready to help. Together, we can raise the bar on your employee communication and produce measurable results so that you can grow and thrive.

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