PartnerComm: A 25-year Success Story in Employee Communication


The focus is on the future as PartnerComm Inc. celebrates its 25th anniversary of providing award-winning employee communication for some of the best brands in the world.

The company was founded on May 17, 1994 with the belief that for employee communication, content is king — there is simply no substitute for in-depth understanding of human resources and all that goes with it. True to its core values, PartnerComm takes that knowledge and turns it into communication that captures attention, inspires buy-in and changes behavior.

The firm’s founders — CEO and President David Lee, COO John Korinek and Creative Director Laurie Korinek — remain steadfast in preserving the company culture and its commitment to producing quality creative communication for over 100 active clients. Brainstorming on innovative ways to use new tools and technology, from voice-activated devices to artificial intelligence was a key part of a recent all-employee company meeting.

PartnerComm has grown over the past quarter-century from an original team of seven to about 100, with employees from California to New York. As one of the country’s largest employee communication agencies, it earns accolades as an industry leader, most recently as a 2019 finalist for the prestigious International Association of Business Communicators’ Gold Quill Large Agency of the Year. The company has 61 Gold Quill awards from IABC.

PartnerComm’s creative staff produces world-class creative communication and is always on the prowl for new, imaginative and impactful ways to deliver engaging content and strategies for our clients. As Karen Lisi, vice president of benefits for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, says, “PartnerComm is all about creating solutions that really work, and they have never let us down.”

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