Is the vision plan changing for 2024?

No, the vision plan is not changing for 2024.

Will I receive vision ID cards from Vision Service Provider (VSP)?

No, VSP does not issue ID cards. Your vision provider will ask for specific information from you to verify your eligibility and benefits coverage from VSP.

How do the vision benefits work, and does it matter which medical plan I choose?

You elect vision benefits with VSP separately from your medical plan, and the coverage for your in-network routine vision care is the same regardless of which medical plan you choose.

VSP provides coverage with copayments or discounts on routine eye exams, glasses, or contact lenses. You may get a routine eye exam once every calendar year. You may replace the lenses in your eyeglasses once every other calendar year, and replace your glasses frames once every other calendar year. If you prefer to use contact lenses, you may get a supply up to a certain dollar allowance, once every calendar year, instead of eyeglasses.

Is coverage for eyeglasses or contact lenses included in my medical coverage?

You must enroll separately for Vision coverage with VSP in order to have benefits coverage for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Can I get new eyeglasses and contact lenses in the same calendar year?

The vision plan provides for either eyeglasses or contact lenses each year, but not both.

Can I get new eyeglass frames each year?

The vision plan provides coverage for eyeglass frames once every other year. For example, if you purchase a complete pair of eyeglasses (lenses and frames) in 2023, you can only get new lenses in 2024. You must wait until 2025 to receive benefits for a complete pair of eyeglasses again.