Are the dental plan options changing for 2024?

No, the dental plan options are not changing for 2024.

When will I receive dental ID cards from Cigna?

If you elect the DHMO plan, it can take up to 14 business days for cards to arrive after Cigna receives and processes your enrollment.

If you elect the DPPO plan, you will have access to electronic ID cards.

What is a Dental Preferred Provider Option (DPPO)?

The DPPO allows you to use either an in-network or out-of-network dental provider. The DPPO pays benefits after you and your covered dependents meet an annual deductible. You pay a percentage of the cost of services, or coinsurance, after you meet the deductible. The DPPO will only pay up to the annual maximum for eligible services each year; after the annual maximum, you pay 100% of costs for the rest of the plan year. See Dental Coverage for details.

What is a Dental Health Maintenance Option (DHMO)?

A DHMO provides coverage only for eligible dental services provided by a participating dentist. You must choose a primary dentist for yourself and each of your covered dependents. Generally, you only pay a fixed cost for eligible dental services, with no deductible. There is no coverage if you use a dentist not in the DHMO network. See Dental Coverage for details.