Cybersecurity content

Set up online access

Did you know unregistered online accounts are a frequent target of cybercriminals? Claim your Fidelity account by setting up a unique username and password. Go to NetBenefits and select Register as a new user. To change your current password, go to NetBenefits and select Profile > Security Center.

Use 2-factor authentication

In addition to using a username and password, you can add a second layer of security by having a code texted to your mobile device. You can choose to enable this feature every time you login or just when you log in from a new device. To add 2-factor authentication, go to NetBenefits and select Profile > Security Center. (Requires you to have a mobile phone on file.)

Connect your mobile phone and email

Fidelity will keep you up-to-date with important security alerts. They can also notify you to confirm sensitive transactions. Let them know how to reach you. Go to NetBenefits and select Profile > Personal & Contact Information.

Sign up for eDelivery

Getting your account statements electronically is convenient — and also makes it easier to monitor your account for any unauthorized activity. To receive your documents via email instead of U.S. Mail, go to NetBenefits and select Profile > Preferences.

Enable Fidelity MyVoice℠

You can use the latest security technology to secure your account. MyVoice allows you to create a personal encrypted voiceprint to verify your identity when you call Fidelity. Call 1-800-835-5095 and a Fidelity representative will offer to enroll you.