Eco-friendly Printing


Green is the new black; well, at least when it comes to a new trend in employee communications. Sixty-six percent of consumers are adopting more sustainable behaviors, which means businesses are learning to adapt. More and more companies are turning to alternative, eco-friendly methods of printing. Or in some cases, eliminating the use of paper entirely.

This might seem like a challenge, but there are easy ways to incorporate greener practices into your internal employee communications with plenty of monetary and moral reasons to boot.  
Here are a few reasons why companies are choosing to go green with their internal communications:
Going green can mean spending less green
Implementing digital employee communications can help cut pricey printing costs. Some things are more effective and crucial to have in a printed format, but there are plenty of communication avenues that work perfectly in the digital space. Benefits websites, graphic emails, online videos and modelers can be creative and eye-catching ways to digitally communicate with your employees.

Plus, incorporating eco-friendly policies into your business model can mean some major tax- breaks and more money in your pocket. Either way, there are chances to save some cash when you take simple, eco-friendly methods of employee communication into consideration.

The future is green
According to Forbes, around 80 percent of millennials said they wanted to work for a company that cares about its societal impact. Environmental issues are a top priority for the future workforce. Businesses want to be able to recruit and cater to their employees’ interests and invest in attracting top talent. By showcasing environmentally friendly practices in everyday work material such as employee communications, top companies can show off their chops while proving that they care.

Being a good-doer
Although there are definitely monetary and recruiting reasons for going green, what really hits home for many companies is the intrinsic value. As issues like global warming and pollution become increasingly alarming, companies are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable through employee communications.

One of the easy ways to know if your company is green is through a quick evaluation of suppliers for sustainability practices or to obtain an FSC Certification. For those of you who aren’t agroforestry experts, FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, and they set the standards for the use of trees and protecting forests. According to their website, this certification “ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.”

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