ContentXpert®: The Do-It-Yourself Content Management System

BENEFITS | Jul 10, 2019

Content management is a never-ending challenge for businesses, especially when it comes to Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs).

The mountains of details about benefit plans, what’s covered and what’s not covered, and employees’ rights under those plans must be compiled and managed for SPDs. Companies struggle to organize, track and archive it all. And then they’ve got to share and make it available to all employees.

PartnerComm has a solution — ContentXpert®.

The HR and employee communication experts at PartnerComm have spent years developing and improving ContentXpert® as a do-it-yourself content management system specifically designed for updating, publishing and archiving SPDs.

It not only helps you organize and protect your existing plan information: Its automated workflow and archiving features also make it easier for you to update and track your documents.

ContentXpert® makes publishing your documents a snap — without the help of a programmer. It automatically converts your Microsoft Word files to HTML, so you can publish your HR information online. Have employees who still rely on paper? No problem. ContentXpert® can create press-ready PDF files, complete with automatically generated footers, page numbers and table of contents.

“The great thing about it is you can make your edits on the fly, without HTML coding knowledge or a programmer or anything like that,” said Angela Bransford, the content management coordinator at PartnerComm who has helped develop the technology.

Content management is a never-ending challenge for businesses, especially when it comes to human resources information, and it’s one of the ways ContentXpert® can help. The system also is ideal for managing human resources policies and procedures — or any other long-form documents.

ContentXpert® is essentially three powerful tools in one integrated package:

• For content management, it provides a centralized, web-based “library” to find the most up-to-date version of your valuable information.

• For web publishing, it provides a customized web style sheet to meet your company’s graphic standards and can provide segmented content for unique audiences within your organization.

• And for search functionality, documents can be viewed and searched in a web-based environment, providing employees with a wealth of information anytime, anywhere.

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