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CULTURE | May 11, 2018

When it comes to experiential events, it’s a given that external marketing would be a first thought. Brands right and left are meeting their audiences with an experience, as it builds loyalty and top-of-mind awareness during the day-to-day grind.

But external brands aren’t the only thing that can benefit from the experience marketing tactic, reaching their consumers – internal communication can leverage just as much employee recognition as the brands we see in our world every day. The key is meeting your employees at the right time, with the right strategy or experience and the right message based on company climate and need.

Think about your day-to-day employee communication – how do your employees feel about that new structural change? The building maintenance? Their desk spaces? When is the last time you sent out an employee survey inquiring about issues they may not bring to the table without being prompted? Engagement is key in the fast-paced, consistently moving market we’ve created. Company culture isn’t just a figment of imagination anymore. It’s what modern employees look for before accepting a job, and it’s a consideration when choosing to stay or move on.

According to Forbes, “By prioritizing employee morale, employers acknowledge the importance of staff contributions on a personal and professional level.” Through engagement with your employee base, you find out what makes them tick and what helps them thrive. Take the extra step and plan outings or gatherings that get your employees out of their seats and chatting with those around them.

Event marketing ideas for your employees could include:

  • Benefits fair
  • Launching your new wellness program and activities during the month
  • CEO Roadshow talks
  • Celebrating a company objective or achievement
  • Friday lunches with execs or other key leaders

Who doesn’t love communicating over ice cream? Give your staff a reason to buzz positively about their day and opportunities for interaction with coworkers, managers, executives alike. The Enplug Blog notes, “The McKinsey Global Institute found that productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees.” Imagine if your employees cultivated relationships during company events and how that would spill over into office communication. Cross-company bonding during events creates a more comfortable work environment and gives you the opportunity to meet your employees’ needs based on the conversations you hear and have.

The out-of-pocket cost (which can be kept relatively low based on your budget) is beneficial if it causes your employees to feel energized about their job. Consider the opportunity event marketing provides for your company to resonate with employees, personally and professionally. At events, pass out pens and notepads with the company logo. Branded water bottles that staff can carry to and from work or coffee mugs for their morning fix could all bring more brand recognition to the forefront while they move through daily tasks. Investing in event marketing will excel the effort to keep high morale and fluid communication around the office, and at little cost to you, it’s worth the extra mile.

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