Benefits of eLearning Modules

BENEFITS | Feb 12, 2018

If you could choose between a salary raise or more company-provided benefits, which would you choose? Well, a recent employee confidence survey by Glassdoor shows that nearly 80% of employees said they would choose additional benefits over a pay raise. And based on benefit trends for 2018, we can expect to see even more coverage options like pet insurance, student loan assistance and high-tech wellness programs. But what good is a lengthy list of benefits if your employees don’t know how to use them?

That’s where eLearning modules come in handy. These online learning environments help to educate employees not only on what benefits are available, but also how to use those benefits. These tools give employees personalized learning experiences and take guess work out of choosing the right benefits. Here’s what makes them so valuable:

Tailored to Your Employees

eLearning modules are not the typical “one size fits all” teaching environments. They’re tailored specifically to your employees. How? Everyone’s experience is personalized based on the information entered. Employees can choose the topics they’re most interested in — and it’s all done at their own pace. Plus, if they want to estimate the costs for certain benefits, the tool will give authentic scenarios based on personal needs. eLearning modules cater to what and when employees want to learn and give them the flexibility to do it in a way that best suits them.

Higher Engagement

Because these modules have a custom function for every employee, it gives them a sense of ownership — feeling like it was built just for them. And this sense of ownership leads to higher engagement and interaction. For instance, what sounds more interesting: a generic overview of the perks and benefits of a 401(k) account, or a custom module that shows (roughly) how much money you could save each month based off your specific contributions? Most would say the latter. And that’s why eLearning modules are so good at getting (and keeping) employees’ attention. Knowing the tool is all about them makes them take an active role and fully participate, which ultimately leads to a …

Rise in Retention

The more engaged your employees are with the module, the more likely they are to really retain the information. There’s less risk of information going “in one ear, out the other” because employees feel like they’re part of the learning process, rather than simply being talked at. Truly understanding their benefits and how to use them will help make employees smarter consumers when it’s time to put those benefits to use — not just when choosing their benefits during Open Enrollment. That can put more money in both the employee and the employer’s pockets … a win-win!

Employee Satisfaction

A 2016 survey by MetLife shows that the value of company benefits increases employee satisfaction. However, it’s hard to be satisfied with something if you don’t totally understand how it works. eLearning modules help fill that gap between employees and their benefits, teaching them in engaging ways so they can truly appreciate what their employers are offering. In the end, satisfied employees are more likely to work harder and go the extra mile for their employer … and that’s something we can all benefit from.

See for yourself. Take a look at some eLearning modules that have already made an impact for several companies.

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