FSA basics

There are two types of FSAs — the Health Care FSA for eligible health care expenses for you and your dependents, and the Dependent Care FSA for eligible dependent day care expenses.

Learn more about the Health Care FSA
Learn more about the Dependent Care FSA

Benefits Debit Card

Use your Wex Benefits debit card to pay for eligible services and products. Payments are automatically withdrawn from your account, so there are fewer out-of-pocket costs, and no waiting for reimbursement.

For more details, view the Guide to the Debit Card.

Out-of-pocket reimbursement

Submit a request for reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses where your Wex Benefits debit card was not used. For more details, view the Out-of-Pocket Reimbursement Request Form.

Submit documentation

To show that expenses incurred are eligible, the IRS requires certain purchases made with an FSA be substantiated. Not every claim will require substantiation. Review Wex’s Employee FSA Guide for details on what purchases require documentation, and how to submit.

In addition to more traditional claim submission options (mail and fax), you can enter your claim online and via the Wex Discovery Benefits mobile app available on the App Store or on Google Play.