| Dec 17, 2018

The competition to get good people and keep them is fierce. Unemployment is at an almost 20-year low and new hires are being onboarded at unprecedented rates. LinkedIn research reports that 50% of candidates applying for entry level positions don’t even show up for their interviews. And keeping the top talent you have isn’t easy either. According to a recent Deloitte survey, the average millennial plans to stay about twenty months before looking for another job.

You might think pay is the answer. Not so. A recent Glassdoor study showed a striking result. Among the six factors examined, compensation was consistently rated as one of the least important influencers of workplace happiness. In fact, the top predictor of job satisfaction turned out to be the culture and values of the organization.

In many ways, that’s good news. Growing a vibrant organizational culture is very doable. The key to success is creating significant employee experiences based on a solid, long-term strategy. You have to identify who you want to be, figure out how close you are to that ideal, and develop a strategy for getting there.

To help, we’ve taken a close look at what’s trending (and working) in the world of advertising. We combined that with our 25 years of experience as an internal communication agency and landed on 8 must dos for 2019 if you want to build and maintain an exceptional culture that attracts and retains top talent.

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