| Dec 17, 2018

Numerous studies report that Americans check their phones 80 times or more a day on average. Some of that is answering phone calls and checking texts, but a good amount of that screen time is spent searching for information. So when it comes to internal communication, simply “pushing” content to employees isn’t going to earn you too many points in the work happiness column. Employees want to “pull” what they need, when they need it — easily, quickly and, often, on their phones.

In everyday language, that means you need your very own Google for work/life info. Most company intranets are too clunky, hidden behind firewalls, not mobile-optimized and have weak search functionality. Not to mention, they’re not organized the way employees think — in terms of real-life events, like getting married or having a baby.

We can help with everything from reorganizing and rewriting content on your existing intranet to developing a custom version of our trademarked, user-friendly, content-robust-but-nimble platform for you.

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