| Dec 17, 2018

How you use employee data to influence communication may be up for discussion, but using aggregate data to inform your communication strategy and improve it over time should be a no-brainer. It’s getting easier and easier to obtain meaningful analytics. As more communication becomes digital, we’ll have more and more data to look at. The numbers are just too important, and frankly, too readily available to ignore.

At PartnerComm, every e-communication we do can generate numbers. Good numbers. And we use them to better understand employee motivations and predict behaviors. To know what’s working and what’s not. To refine our strategy so we can best serve your needs and those of your employees. We can even do A/B testing (on everything from email subject lines to website homepages) to find out what resonates most with your people.

Quality analytics help you make strategic decisions that use your budget most effectively and get results that matter. Meet Elizabeth, a PartnerComm team behavioral scientist.

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