| Dec 17, 2018

For 2019, “authentic” is the word. Companies love to claim that they’re genuine, real and transparent. But how many actually walk the walk?

Be careful here. Because a misstep can seriously damage your trust factor — especially with today’s open book millennials who freely snap, tweet and document even the most personal of moments with barely a second thought. It should come as no surprise that employees today expect all communication to align with your brand in a reliable and cohesive way. (Global ad agency Bonfire reports that 91% of millennials want and expect brands to be authentic in all their communication.) Think of communication for 2019 like a conversation with a friend who values honest, meaningful discussion — no hidden agendas, sugar-coating or veiled messages. If you want employees to trust you, you need to show that you trust them with the truth.

It’s happening more and more in the world of advertising (think Dove’s Real Beauty campaign), and we’re seeing transparency grow in employee communication as well. Netflix is widely recognized as a “customer-obsessed” company. They think about and respond authentically to the needs of their employees just as carefully. In no uncertain terms, the company’s website lays out their new hire expectations — exceptional individuals who are self-motivated team players. Netflix reinforces this commitment by clearly stating their goal, “to build the ‘Dream Team’ even if it means giving adequate performers a generous severance package so we can find a star to fit that position.”

It sounds simple — just tell it like it is — but it’s actually a delicate balancing act. Today’s consumers and employees are more skeptical than ever, and trust in institutions is low. At PartnerComm, we can help you find and talk about the places where your truth and employee truth meet, building trust over time.

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