| Dec 17, 2018

Lots of companies have mission statements and Employee Value Propositions. But most lack originality and include sentiments that can fit any number of organizations. Words like “integrity,” “innovation” and “diversity” are liberally sprinkled throughout. To recruits and employees, the rhetoric sounds like the same old corporate speak and it doesn’t do much to inspire or engage.

Employees today expect more. And in a hot job market with record competition, they can get it. It’s up to you to clearly and honestly define who you are as a company and what you value. Do you want to provide an unfiltered forum for the employee voice? Do you want to break down hierarchical barriers? Do you want to pay above or at the market? Do you have a clear career path and well-defined opportunities for employees?

Ask yourself: What distinguishes you from the pack? Think Patagonia, where social consciousness permeates everything they do — inside and out. Or Absolut Vodka, which takes diversity to heart in its unwavering and outspoken support of gay marriage. Humans are emotional, and when your stated purpose reflects their values, they perform better and feel more loyal to your organization.

What is your mantra? Who are you at your very core? At PartnerComm, we help you to define what makes you, you. In real words; not corporate speak. We call it “company DNA.” And we’re really good at helping you find yours.

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